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Big C

Carlos "Big C" Holmes
Football analyst and radio personality, has been operating the Big C Pro Football website for 26 years. An avid football fan, Holmes takes yearly treks to the Senior Bowl, the pro football combine workouts in Indianapolis and a variety of NFL training camps to evaluate prospects. He has developed a network of associates throughout the nation who provide information to him and the site. While this venture is a labor of love for the ambitious Holmes, he has impressed many in this field, including ESPN The Magazine, which acknowledged his site during their 2000 Draft Preview Edition for its colorful commentary. You can contact Big C here.


Darius Babcock
The proud webmaster of the current Big C website. A self-proclaimed geek, Darius enjoys all things relating to technology and his passion is evident in his face whenever you see him. In his free time he enjoys taking on freelance web development jobs so that he is always doing what he loves.

Media Specialist

Erica Collura
Erica's passion for sports and reporting lead her to join up with the Big C Pro Football team in 2013. Check out Erica's video interviews with your favorite players on the BigCProFootball YouTube channel.

Media Specialist

Stephanie Kelly
Stephanie is an Ohio native, and Ohio sports fan. Working alongside Big C, she is able to combine her interests in sports, entertainment, journalism, and humor to make football relatable and fun.

Content Specialist

Ashley Powell
Ashley is so dedicated to her job that she hasn't even taken time to write bio for herself! Want to help motivate her? Visit the contact page and send her a friendly reminder.

Content Specialist

Sheri Sine
Sheri is an Ohio native, but is a lifelong Seattle Seahawk fan (Note: Didn't just jump on the bandwagon this year. Has a hidden Jim Zorn tattoo. Shhhh... we don't talk much about that). Don't ask her parents how that happened, as they both are Bengal supporters and part of the original Jungle and "Freezer Bowl" veterans. Sheri is passionate about making football relatable to everyone and doesn't think you have to have a long list of stats and know the names of every player to be a fan and be passionate. Sheri finds the uniqueness in everyday occurrences and doesn't mind going head to head with Big C when discussing football or player's talent.

Pro Prospect Evaluator

Ryan Fox
An avid college football fan, Fox takes yearly treks to collegiate venues from the Rose Bowl to the Glass Bowl, and all throughout SEC country. Fox brings a unique perspective in evaluating pro prospects as well as excitement to BigCprofootball.com. His strong work ethic is evident in his ability to find talent. Fox's main driving force is his loving wife of 12 years and 3 year old son.